• 23 Feb 2023
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Article Summary


XTENDISE is logging application and user activity on several levels:

  • Audit Log
  • SSH Log
  • Compliance Log

Navigate to Log dropdown in the main menu.

Audit Log

Audit log is auditing all MAC address and configuration change events in XTENDISE as well as log in events into the application. MAC address changes logs can have INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE action and also contains username of a user who made that action. Audit logs also log Administrator and User log in event into XTENDISE. CONFIG CHANGE events logs configuration event in the application including the change detail. There is a special identity called "sync" which refers to the Synchronization Task.

By default, Administrators can see all Audit logs but users can only see their own MAC address changes. Audit log offers two authorization options:

  1. Users can only see their own MAC address changes
  2. Users can see MAC address changes of users in the same AD group

This allows that users can see MAC address changes of their teammates. To change this behavior, navigate to Administration -> Global Settings and check the Group Access option.


SSH Log contains every SSH command which any user or system (XTENDISE application) executed on any network device through XTENDISE. It contains a command which was executed, returned result, and username of the user who executed the command.

Compliance Log

Compliance log contains all compliance module change events related to either a device (switch) or it's ports. Such as:

  • Device - Add/Delete/Disable actions
  • Port - Add/Delete/Chage of status