Getting Started
  • 06 Jun 2022
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Getting Started

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Article summary

Getting started with XTENDISE can take some time to install and get everything ready. So we would like to give you a basic overview of this documentation and XTENDISE features.

Installing and starting with XTENDISE

You simply start by downloading and installing XTENDISE at first. Make sure you follow all the steps to install XTENDISE and also all the configuration steps in your ISE and Active Directory.

You can download the latest XTENDISE version Downloads.

Go through the following guide to install XTENDISE and configure everything in your network Start Here.

When you are done with the installation you can start with basic configuration steps Here to make sure that XTENDISE is working.

When you are done with initial XTENDISE configurations you can start getting familiar with XTENDISE and how does it work Here

Configuring XTENDISE

There are four main features areas in XTENDISE to explore:

1. MAC Address Management

Managing a MAC address database in ISE is a crucial task in every ISE deployment. This module will help you to do exactly that. Easily add/edit/remove MAC from a MAC group, add custom attributes to it, set expiration to a MAC address, and authorize administrator to work with just certain groups and so on. Start Here to get more familiar with it.

2. Troubleshooting Authentications

Quickly find an Endpoint which cannot authenticate and minimize the downtime for a user is a priority for every administrator. XTENDISE enhanced Live log will help you to quickly find the failure reason, get information from the switch, change the MAC group or restart the switch interface. Start Here for more information how to effectively troubleshoot our 802.1X deployment.

3. Compliance Module

Deploying 802.1X to your wired network can be time consuming and expensive. If you haven't deployed 802.1X yet, compliance module can help you to easily deploy 802.1X configurations to your network. If you have already deployed 802.1X, XTENDISE will check the configurations to make sure your network is safe and secure. Secure your network with the Compliance Module Here.

4. Intelligent VLANs

Dealing with Wake on Lan or IoT devices which do not authenticate can be challenging and sometimes administrators steps back from their standards and start manually changing access VLANs on switch interfaces to make everything work or even removing 802.1X configuration from a switchport. This makes inconsistency and security holes in switch configurations and leads to errors. XTENDISE intelligently
assigns VLAN configuration to switchports and keeps this configuration as long as a device is connected. Start Here with Intelligent VLANs configuration.

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