• 25 Jul 2023
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Article summary

Application overview

XTENDISE is a web based application which can be installed on a virtual Windows 2016/2019/2022 server with the minimum requirements of 4x CPU, 12 GB RAM, 200 GB HDD.

The application backend is written in .NET core 6.x running on IIS web server. Frontend is written as a Single Page Application in Angular framework.

Windows server management

Please note that you as the customer are responsible for licensing, updating and management of the Windows server.

Application components

XTENDISE consists of three modules which are running as separate processes.

1. XTENDISE application - The application core responsible for application runtime, Northbound and Southbound APIs

2. Syslog Listener - The module is responsible for receiving ISE syslogs and storing them in the application Database

3. Application database - Database responsible for storing application data

Integration with ISE

XTENDISE is integrated with ISE using multiple native APIs which ISE provides.

1. ERS API - Configuration API which is used to manage MAC address database, read Endpoint Identity Groups and Network Devices

2. MnT API - Monitoring API which is used to look up session details

3. Syslog - Syslog is used to receive ISE Alarms and authentication logs